Motion Picture In Theaters 12.18.02
Soundtrack in stores 12.10.02
Foundations Of Stone
The Taming Of Sméagol
The Riders Of Rohan
The Passage Of
The Marshes.
The Uruk-hai
The King Of The
Golden Hall
The Black Gate
Is Closed

The White Rider
The Leave Taking
Helm's Deep
The Forbidden Pool
Breath Of Life

The Hornburg
Forth Eorlingas
Ben Del Maestro.
Isengard Unleashed

Samwise The Brave
Gollum's Song

Farewell To Lórien
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Internet Limited Edition

Internet Limited Edition Soundtrack

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For the ultimate Lord Of The Rings collector: available only here online, not in stores.
Order the Internet Limited Edition of the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers original motion picture soundtrack enhanced-CD. There are only a limited number of copies available, so order this very special edition now!

The Internet Limited Edition enhanced-CD features deluxe leatherette packing, custom belly-band artwork, and comes with a 20-page CD booklet. Plus, get the full set of five printed collectable character cards, which are only available individually as one of a set of five in the Standard Jewel Case Edition.

This edition also has the previously unheard bonus track, "Farewell to Lorien," featuring Hilary Summers from the special extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Included exclusively on this Limited Edition enhanced-CD:
- Printable maps of Middle-earth and of Rohan & Gondor
- The Two Towers print & color set
- Two online trading cards

Plus, these other special enhancements:
- The Two Towers Movie Trailer
- The Two Towers image gallery
- Lyrics & Poems
- Score music video and Making of the Score video
- Screensavers, buddy icons & more

Limited Edition

Limited Edition
The Limited Edition version of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is beautifully packaged in a gold foil embossed, dark blue leatherette CD wallet containing a 20-page CD booklet.
The package is also custom belly banded and contains the previously unheard bonus track, "Farewell to Lorien," featuring Hilary Summers from the special extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring.
This Limited Edition package contains all the enhanced CD elements of the jewel case package plus the following enhanced exclusives: a Two Towers image gallery, two exclusive online trading cards, as well as lyrics and poems.
Standard Jewel Case Edition
Standard Jewel Case Edition

Featuring music written, orchestrated and conducted by Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore, the soundtrack brilliantly captures the adventure and excitement of the epic trilogy.

Shore brought back The London Philharmonic, The Voices of London, and The Oratory School Schola Boys' Choir while adding beautiful new voices such as Isabel Bayrakdarian, Sheila Chandra, Elizabeth Frazier, and Emiliana Torrini who is featured on "Gollum's Song."
The standard jewel case package for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers features an insert of one of five exclusive collectable character cards from the movie. In addition, this enhanced CD features bonus multimedia content inlcuding one exclusive online trading card, Screensavers, and Buddy Icons. Fans can also watch a behind-the-scenes Making of the Score and a Score music video.


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